Dedicated Follower was a top selling fanzine in the 1980's. So much so that all original issues are now housed in the Victoria and Albert museum as a testament to the Mod culture of the day. It only 13 issues were ever released and these have become collectible changing hands for big money on Ebay and elsewhere. After a brief foray online D.F called it a day in 2004.
In 2014 a one off limited edition of 100 paper fanzines released. The response was so good it was decided to release another one off issiue (also of only 100 copies) to actually celebrate Dedicated Followers 30th anniversary in 2015. The previous 2014 issue sold out in 2 weeks so if you want a copy of this issue please order NOW.


This 28-page bumper limited edition includes an exclusive interview with Ska legend Jennie Matthias (aka Jennie Bellestar) Of 1-Stop Experience and exclusive interview with Motown legend Martha Reeves. Plus an exclusive insight into music icon David Bowie behind the scenes. Also The Dave Clark 5 story (Find out why Mods owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Dave Clark) A look at the new 'Millions Like Us' Box set and The Box Office Poison story. Plus song lyrics and exclusive photos.
The price is just 5 including P&P anywhere in the world.

You can pay direct by paypay below or if you prefer to pay by cheque or postal order email asking to pay this way for your copy of D.F.

Dedicated Follower Fanzine