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Confucius once said if you want to know what is up the road ahead ask the man coming back down it.


Music Business Bastards (How to do well in the music business without getting ripped off) is that man.


Knowledge is key to being successful in the music industry. Sadly talent alone will not get you where you want to go.


Knowledge is also important if you donít want to get ripped off.


Itís not just record labels with their new 360 deals itís also the Internet that is exploiting the music artists to the full.


Sadly in an industry with huge numbers of people looking to get somewhere it will always attract predators.


In a very crowded market place, where once you were up against thousands, now you are up against millions because of the advent of the Internet and shows like X-factor and Pop Idol.


So itís crucial that you stand out from the crowd in every way and MBB explains exactly how to do this.


It also gives out many tips about doing things on a shoestring budget whilst competing against the major companies as well as how to raise money and save lots of money. This alone is worth far more than the cost of this book.




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Now for those who want a quick example of what to expect. Below are images of two artists before and after shots showing how important image is.


We include them here because the book contains only black and white versions due to Kindleís limitations and prohibitive colour printing prices for paperbacks.


Both artists were getting nowhere fast with their first image but gained lots of work in one case and interviews in the other case after getting a decent photographer and image.



                                                                   BEFORE                                                             AFTER        



                                             BEFORE                                                                          AFTER




Exclusive tip on this webpage only.


Although this bit of information is not in the book it is a good example how you can save money.


Musicians and even indie record labels are often squeamish when you mention the word tax.


One indie label and one new band looking to make up their own CD for sale hired me for advice. The first thing I told them was register for VAT.

Both looked concerned and were resistant.


What they didnít realise is although there is a threshold to have to register for VAT you can in fact register straight away voluntarily.


So why would you want to?


Simple, when you are starting off you do more paying out than you do earning. If you bought some instruments, recording costs and had some promo t-shirts made and manufactured some CDs they all include or have 20% Vat added to the price.


You are entitled to claim this back as a business expense straight away and get it paid back to you by the tax-man a month after submitting your return.


You only have to pay the Vat Man if you sell your CDs . If it went through shops or online retailer they are the ones who put the vat on the product and then pass it on to you and you pass it onto the tax man. So you are not really out of pocket when you pass it on. You decide what price you want to end up with after everybody else has taken their cut.


If you sell the CD yourself at gigs and online yourself then thatís more of a grey area, theoretically you should pass 20% on to the VAT man but like I said you factor that into your sales price.


The band I mentioned were still wary of getting involved with the tax-man and didnít take my advice and paid out about £1,500 on things mentioned above and effectively lost £300 they could have got.


The indie label saw the possibilities and after spending £3,000 got £600 back.


Thatís just one small bit of knowledge I passed on and my advisorís fee was £50. The label came away with a nice profit and the band are probably still learning the hard way.


So if we asre giving that information away free here on the net you can imagine that there will be many more gems in the actual book.


You donít even need to part with £50 advisory fee only about £10 for the paperback to learn more money saving tips and much more.


Oh and donít worry the book is not full of info about complicated contracts and tax. I will leave that to others. The book is simple to read and very informative, so if you are serious about a career in music what are you waiting for.