Over and Over is Is a modern day noir style story of singer-songwriter Nikki North.

Far from it being the bog standard Cinderella story of rags to riches after a great singer is discovered by some Prince Charming or a comedy, this story tells it the way it really is in the music industry.

It takes you on a journey through the seedy shark-infested backwaters of the music industry with a shady character frequenting every other doorway, waiting to take advantage of the next hopeful floating by. Itís feeding time and Nikki is on the menu.

After being used and abused by the music industry, enough is enough, something has to snap and itís Nikki. Anyone getting in her way will find themselves in Shit Street with not a glimpse of toilet paper in sight. Revenge is on the agenda and low lives that initially used her will wish they had never been born. The story is rich with sharply drawn characters and realistic dialogue with incidents around every corner.

This book is about to be made into a major feature film but this novel features extra bits not in the film and a slightly different slant to it.

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