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The new limited edition photo and lyric book by Russell C. Brennan

Russell C. Brennan is an established multi platform artist. He is a published author of the book 'Music Business Bastards' (How to do well in the music business without getting ripped off) He is also an innovative record producer with over 250 tracks released and 50 song releases and listed in the top 20 most innovative record producer of all time. Although he is about to move into films as a writer/director its his photography that has taken off in recent years. He is now represented by Saatchi Art and has a few exhibitions offered. He has been responsible for a number of iconic images over the years as well as erotic work and pioneering Alien Art and so for the first time all his best work are in this exclusively limited edition book. But since he is also a noted songwriter the added bonus is you get his 50 best song lyrics. There are some rare unreleased ones alongside a few award winners and popular releases. There is also an insight into Photography and songwriting and 2 exclusive competitions. One to co write a song and one to win a free photo session. Also anybody buying the book through this site can get an added bonus. You can email december-publishing (at email below once you have book) telling them what your favourite lyric is in the book and why and get a 3 free music tracks that features that lyric.
This is a very limited edition of only 100 high quality premium paperback books that will become very rare and collectible as they are all a individually numbered and if you get them via this webpage thay are signed as well. This is because many record releases Russell produced in the past are very collectible and change hands for big money on the collectors market. His photos and canvases are on sale at Saatchi Art Because of the very limted nature of the book its is 15 plus postage package and handling of 5 (20 in total).
To pay by paypay just click on the buy now button below. If you want to pay any other way please drop us a line. If you want a kindle version there s a link at the bottom of the page.

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